Anthropology of Art, Ethnographic Film and Photography

Course Dates: 11th January  – 15th March 2021
Time: Monday, 10:30 – 12:30
Location: 1-10 Keeley Street, London, WC2B 4BA

Tutor: Yasmin Hales Mphil

This 10 week introductory course aims to critically explore the role and symbolic meaning of art, film and photography from a cross-cultural perspective. Students will explore a variety of anthropology themes associated with the concept of beauty, the beliefs and rituals associated with material objects, to the human body as canvas, 19thc Colonial photography, traditional and contemporary ethnographic documentaries to the role of museums.



Anthropology of Space, Place and the Cultural Landscape

Course Dates:  Monday 20th April – 6th July 2020  
Time: 10:15 – 12:15
Location: KS – Keeley Street

Tutor: Yasmin Hales

This is an introductory and interdisciplinary course which ranges beyond social anthropology to explore aspects of cultural geography, philosophy, psychology, art and architectural history, thus enriching your theoretical and ethnographic understanding of the cross cultural meaning of space and place within the built environment.




Introducing Anthropology: Key Concepts and Debates
We will explore the key principles and methods of anthropology. A cross-cultural study of different human societies and world views, with a focus on how culture and society shape the behaviour of diverse human groups.
Anthropology of Social Spaces and the Built Environment

Duration: 10 weeks
Day and time:  6.30-8.30pm
Next course:  Monday 6th Oct- 7th Dec 20  
Tutor: Yasmin Hales Mphil

 The Anthropology of Space course extends beyond social anthropology to include theoretical aspects of cultural geography, psychology, philosophy, architectural history, art and material culture. This interdisciplinary content will provide an educational platform upon which to explore these various overarching disciplines, both to enrich your own knowledge and professional development, and provide the analytical tools to understand how other cultures conceptualise and experience space. Over this 10-week short course we will critically analyse several wide-ranging themes and debates associated with the anthropology of space, place and the built environment, advancing our theoretical, conceptual and subjective understanding.