Here is a selection of academic testimonials from university, college and private tuition students. I additionally run various creative workshops and professional cultural events, which have been enjoyed by a diverse range of participants.



Anthropology of Space, Place and Landscape: Online Digital Learning, India August 2020

“As an Indian Architect and scholar, I wanted to explore a research topic that heavily leans on the anthropological understanding of space & place. I have searched online for relevant academic courses for so long, which could aid my understanding of Architecture and Anthropology appropriately. I assure you there are very few! Fortunately, I came across the Goldsmiths, London University course ” Anthropology of Space & Place” offered by Professor Yasmin Hales. I must say, the online educational course is unique with very carefully curated content and was privately delivered as a 10 week module totalling 20 hours during ‘lockdown’. Along with the tutor’s power-point lectures you effortlessly move across complex anthropology concepts & theories, building one upon another on a weekly basis. The course delivery is multifaceted- there are students presentations, dialogues, visual media and ethnographic case studies. By the end of the course, I was delighted I could craft an effective research narrative connecting many complex anthropological concepts, which I was unable to do previously. As a lecturer, Yasmin is extremely knowledgeable, resourceful and dependable. Her exposure and ethnographic comprehension about the Indiansubcontinent was an added advantage to my base in Kerala, South India. Yasmin is always able to juxtapose cases and concepts cross-culturally in a supportive manner. I would highly recommend this online learning course to any built environment professional or scholar especially from India, who would like to deepen one’s own perspectives of space and place, beyond standard architectural education. I am building on this academic platform to develop an interdisciplinary Phd proposal with Yasmin, and delighted I have just been accepted on a UK University research programme to commence in Oct 2021. Thankyou so much for your rewarding guidance ”  

Siva Nambery, Architect, Kerala, South India. “

Goldsmiths, London University BSc Computer Science and Fine Art 

“As a 3rd year Goldsmiths student, studying BSc Computer Science and Fine Art, I approached Yasmin, a Goldsmiths Social Anthropology lecturer to develop my University Personal Statement as I required professional academic tutoring. Over an intense period of 2 weeks, Yasmin meticulously went through each sentence, line by line focusing on the words and phrases to create a robust but balanced academic and personal statement for 4 additional university applications, namely Warwick, St Andrews, Exeter and Edinburgh University. 

I felt extremely secure in Yasmin’s professional guidance, her efficient teaching methods and knowledge.  Consequently, to my delight and huge relief,  within 1 month I received an offer from all 4 Universities! Yasmin additionally provided Anthropological / Social Science tuition to explore and clarify some unfamiliar concepts in my 3rd year computation dissertation project, in which I achieved a 1st degree mark. I could not have done any of this without Yasmin’s expertise in the granular detail of my academic trajectory but equally her friendly approach. I genuinely thank you so much for all your help and motivation.  I am now looking forward to commencing an MSc in Big Data and Digital Futures at Warwick University in Oct 2020”.   Mehroz Shaikh

July 2020, MSc Personal Statement

City Lit Adult Education : Anthropology of Art

“The anthropology of Art course was very stimulating – it turned out to be the highlight of my week! I had not studied anthropology before, but the course gave me a substantial introduction to some anthropological concepts, including an art historical context, and an early anthropologist classification of what constitutes an art work. We had sessions on masks, tattoos and other body art, the influence of tribal art on modern artists such as Picasso, and the meanings of Aboriginal art. We had some fascinating class discussions and workshops, saw anthropology film clips, and analysed some of our cultural artefacts brought from travels overseas. Our very friendly, knowledgeable and hard-working teacher Yasmin Hales provided us with a generous amount of visual and written handouts and suggestions for further reading. The final session was a British Museum gallery visit, complemented by an interesting learning experience in the Anthropology library which we all hugely enjoyed over a concluding cup of tea! I have learned to ‘read’ art and artifacts more intelligently, since I became aware of all the museum poetics and politics of acquisition and display. This Anthropology of Art course has expanded my mind and humanity. 

Janice Emmott : Jan-April 2018

City Lit Adult Education: Visual Anthropology

“I studied a Visual Anthropology course in April 2018. I found the experience to be most rewarding. The choice of teaching methods using ethnographic documentary films and photography was excellent. Yasmin lectured with clarity and communicated complex ideas most effectively. I was intellectually stimulated throughout the term and introduced to interesting readings, student debates and exercises! We had a great group visit to “Another Kind of Life” photo exhibition at the Barbican… and an evening discussion at Photo Fusion, Brixton entitled “Drift into the Night” linked to the Museum of London exhibition. This was followed by an interesting visual walking tour of Brixton and concluded with photographing the Moon! Great course and tutor. Looking forward to learning more”

Nilofar Akmut : April-July 2018  

Private Anthropology Tuition

BA Dissertation Tuition:

I met Yasmin in January 2016 at the British Library as I urgently needed to not only make a start on my 3rd year anthropology dissertation but decide and settle on a topic, as I was a term late! With great relief, by the end of the 1st session, we had confirmed the content, discussed chapter options and even drafted a provisional title and pilot questionnaire! Yasmin’s continued academic support and knowledge, dissertation structure and professional guidance over 7 months was invaluable. In my final dissertation, I achieved 68% (a high 2.1). She also gave me academic tips for putting together a Material Anthropology exhibition as coursework for an Anthropology of Art module. In this I achieved 82% which was an unexpected, high distinction. Yasmin has a professional, dependable and friendly personality, and I couldn’t have achieved these results without her. To anyone who would like help from brainstorming simple cultural ideas to anthropology essay writing, dissertation content, proof reading, editing, research aims and ethnographic fieldwork, I would highly recommend her as an academic with confidence. Thankyou so much again”.

Imogen Moore : BA (Hons) Social Anthropology  : Durham University : Sept 2016  

MSc Personal Statement 
“After taking time out to work in the education sector I wanted to return to academic study to take a Masters degree in Social Policy and Research Methods at either London School of Economics (LSE) or University College London (UCL). Within a few tutorials Yasmin’s knowledge and efficiency helped me consolidate my work experiences and former BA Anthropology degree at Goldsmiths, and relate the aims to the academic requirements for my masters Personal Statement. As a mature student, this was far more challenging than I anticipated! However, Yasmin is a professional and friendly educational tutor and I have since accepted an MSc offer from UCL -which is great news! Thank you for all your help and support”  
Chloe Melitsa : MSc Social Policy and Social Research : University College London: Oct 2016  

Private Tuition AS / A Level
“Yasmin developed my academic study skills to prepare for my AS level sociology exam in May 2016. We are working on timed essays, Sociology theory and critical debates, and as an experienced tutor she explains things in a clear, constructive way. Yasmin is really pleasant, motivating and supportive to work with as I have mild dyslexia, but  I am pleased to say in a short period of time my marks have gone from a D to C’s and B’s! I felt very confident in my exam and would happily recommend this tutor”. 
Sophie, La Swap College, Camden: August 2016 

Talking Streets/Great Arts Workshop Participant

“I really enjoyed Yasmin’s Talking Streets Indian art workshop.  We explored decorative and tribal art from various regions, including Warli art from Western India and Kolams from South India. Yasmin taught me the meaning of this tribal art and how to make it, which was completely new to me. Our group used lovely pen and ink materials including authentic Indian papers impregnated with cow dung! Yasmin also brought in some beautiful books on Indian tribal art, and some original paintings for inspiration. Everyone was delighted at what they’d been able to create and take home. There’s something very healing about actually making these creative rhythmic lines and patterns, and it also allowed me to step into other womens’ worlds in India. Yasmin is both an anthropologist and a creative artist, she was a brilliant facilitator, and also very knowledgeable on the cultural context-an unusual combination!  The Talking Streets workshop really brought alive some of the concepts Yasmin had been researching and teaching in her courses on Anthropology of Art and Anthropology of Space and Place, which I attended at the City Lit in 2017/2018. It was a very rewarding workshop and also great fun. It’s definitely something I am planning to do again. Thanks Yasmin. 

Janice Emmott : Jan 2018