• Private Talk at David Hill Gallery on Magnum Photographer George Rodger, Southern Sudan Exhibition.  Exploring the Parallels of Anthropology and Photography through the representation of  Nuba wrestlers.  

  • Date: November 14th 2018: 7-9pm

“George Rodger belongs to the great tradition of explorers and adventurers. His work is a moving testimony through time and space.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

For further interest on the photographic exhibition and to view rare film footage George Rodger produced on the Nuba Tribe of Southern Sudan (1949) please click on the link http://www.davidhillgallery.net/exhibitions

Nuba adobe architecture

“Yasmin delivered a fascinating talk on the cultural rituals and beliefs of the Southern Sudanese tribes.  She provided a much deeper understanding of the way the Kordofan wrestling matches were visually captured through George Rodger’s landmark photographic story. A really interesting discussion of anthropology and photography, enjoyed by all” David Hill, Nov 2018. 

“Yasmin, Just to say a big thank you for your wonderful talk on George. Not only was it very informative on the people of Kordofan but you also were very understanding of George‚Äôs compassionate nature and character,  it is as if you had known him personally – very touching” Jonathan Rodger, Nov 2018.

Jinx Rodger, wife of Magnum Photographer George Rodger.
David Hill Gallery.