Some of the most creative architectural minds from around the world arrived at the Royal Academy to provide an alternative perspective on architecture. It is great to see how the ‘Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined’ has transformed this exhibition space through 7 large scale cross cultural architectural installations from China, Japan, Chile, Uk and Europe.

As you respond to different structures and textures from which they are made, ranging from wood, to bamboo and plastic, combined with the lighting, scents and colours, the audience is invited to reflect on some of the big questions about the nature of architecture.

How do spaces make us feel emotionally?

What does architecture do for our lives?

How do different cultures respond to the use and experience of space?

For students, lovers of architecture, art, cultural geography, psychology and the culturally curious, the Sensing Spaces is an important exhibition of how we relate to our built environment. It raises more questions than answers which were explored in the academy symposium that equally provided some illuminating dialogue and debates.

Visit before 6th April 2014 and check the Royal Academy website for personal interviews with the architects, educational articles, exhibition gallery photographs, visitor comments and more.